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Every Fall, when the warmth in the air begins to turn chilly, you might meander into the Grace Church kitchen, to find our ladies cooking up some homemade applesauce, for the church's Holiday/Harvest Fair. Apples are pared, boiled, milled & bottled, for sale at the Fair.  ~  Delicious!

Teri Sokolowski chats amiably with Angela Larco, as the apples stew & bubble

Apples are placed in hand-mills for processing. The handles must be cranked until the apples reach a smooth consistency.  The ladies of Grace Church do things the authentic way.  

Cranking the apple mills for the processing certainly takes appreciable endurance, but our very diligent teams are accustomed to accomplishing this task every year.

When poured, the applesauce emerges with a mild, sweet fragrance & a slight blush of pink from the apple peels.

There is nothing like a taste of fresh warm applesauce from the stove, but be swift with your spoon, or you may suffer a  hand-slap!

Of course, somebody has to do the dishes & clean up, after all the work is done!  At least the results are worth it.  If you attend our Fall Holiday/Harvest Fair, please be sure to look for the jars of real homemade applesauce for sale, so you can enjoy the fruits of our labor.

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