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Teri models blue pacifier favors made out of candy mints

Our Hospitality Team along with countless helpers lent their enthusiasm to a gargantuan, yet whimsical effort, to transform our Parish Hall into a dreamy place fit for a family preparing to welcome a baby boy into the world!  Party favors, decorations and elaborate tables of delicious food. ~  And lots of presents!


Episcopal Church

Baby Shower


It's not very often that we celebrate baby showers here at Grace Church, but we were overjoyed to throw one for our new pastor & his wife!  

Look closely to see the fish in the flower vase!

There was even a punch-bowl "pond," with tiny blue baby ducklings paddling happily among bright sherbet icebergs in the yummy mix.  And our kids loved it!

Liv Salustro & Connie Ross join the festivities

When you're a busy person, it's sometimes hard to shop and get things done.  Christy squeezed in some time to finish her hand-knit sweater for Baby Owen, while others were busy eating at the baby shower!

Charlie proves to be a good-sport & a hero, at the same time!

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