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Episcopal Church

Owen's Baptism

Every Baptism is a sacred & exciting occasion; and anticipation seemed even more heightened than usual, in preparation for the baptism of Owen, the son of our Pastor and his wife.

Sunday, June 10th was the special day, and we were joined at Grace Church by Owen's friends & family from all across the entire country: Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Virginia, New York and Illinois among others.

Owen wore a family baptismal gown from great grandfather Will Wagner who wore it in 1884, passing it down through the years until Owen's turn finally arrived.

We at Grace Church are very blessed to welcome Owen into our community, and we look forward to supporting him for years and years to come, in his Christian life.

Also presiding at the ceremony was The Rev. Dan Isadore, Owen's godfather, who replaced Pastor Charlie as Priest-in-Charge at the All Saints Episcopal Church in Pittsburgh

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