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Episcopal Church


at Grace Church

Christmas at Grace Church is a joyful celebration which includes all members of the family who wish to be a part of things.  Children, parents, grand-parents (and even the family pet) may want to perform in the Nativity Play we stage every year; or maybe they'd rather be our audience members.  In any case, this season is a festival of love and celebration of the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ, as we express it in many different types of worship, including a Candlelight Service.

Our Nativity Play service is popular with families and children, early Christmas Eve evening. 

Following the Christmas Nativity Play performance, the audience joins in, as the Pastor calls for all children, from youngest to oldest, to come forward and carry the individual creche figures for placement in the Nativity Scene.

This continues until the creche is fully assembled.

The Candlelight service is beautiful, reverent and serene, late on Christmas Eve night

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