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Episcopal Church

Coffee Hour

What happens at an after-worship church coffee-hour? Wouldn't it just be boring?  Or might it surprise you?  


Maybe it would, if you're coming to Grace Church's post 10:00 AM service's coffee-hour.


Who knows what could happen? 

You're just here to perk up for the early afternoon, with a nice hot cup of coffee before leaving, maybe a finger-sandwich or a sweet-roll.  Ready to meet some parishioners, or sit down with a group of friends you've already made.  

Things seem fairly normal so far ... Maybe a little bit of frolic and ruckus from the kids running around inside or outside.  Nothing out of the ordinary.

Suddenly the high-pitched tones of an old Louis Armstrong song come pealing over the microphone ... "... and I think to myself, what a wonderful world."  You're being treated to an impromptu a capella concert by one of our own parishioner children, with not an ounce of self-consciousness in the world.   How's that for a send-off on your Sunday afternoon?

Unexpectedly delightful ~ but not the only time something like that has happened.  At Grace Church, even during coffee-hour, you may be surprised by joy at random moments.  

For example, somebody has a birthday but only one person knew, so the cake, candles & singing are going on as soon as you enter the parish hall.  Surprise!

Or a guest speaker from another parish or even another country, has given a sermon & joins the congregation for food, along with a presentation of what life is like in their region.

How about the time when someone's 50th Anniversary was commemorated by a Hawaiian-themed party?

Sound like fun?  You're in the right place!  

Because here at Grace, when we worship our Lord, we also celebrate life, and His Creation.  (Even at a simple coffee-hour).  Please come join us, and find out how we roll ... in our ordinary Christian lives as a close-knit church-family.  

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