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Episcopal Church

Easter Sunday


GraceChurch Easter 2022 DSCF4390R 1800 x 1232.jpg

It was the first time for our Choir to sing in-person for quite some time,
and we had a full house! 

GraceChurch Easter2022 DSCF4385R 1500 x 1200.jpg
GraceChurch Easter2022 DSCF4412R 950 x 726.jpg
GraceChurch Easter202 DSCF4394R 900 x 642.jpg

Our Tech Team ensures that livestream broadcasts of our worship services continue.

GraceChurch Easter 2022 DSCF4392R 800 x 504.jpg
GraceChurch Easter2022 DSCF4402R 800 x 860.jpg
GraceChurch Easter2022 DSCF4413R 1240 x 1222.jpg

The Pastor commences directly providing the Eucharist again.

GraceChurch Easter2022 DSCF4419R 1500 x 1125.jpg

Families enjoy seeing their fellow parishioners again.

GraceChurch Easter2022 DSCF4429R 900 x 1200.jpg
GraceChurch Easter2022 DSCF4420R 804 x 1072.jpg
GraceeChurch Easter2022 DSCF4441R 900 x 1178.jpg
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