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Episcopal Church

All Saints Day

We observe All Saints Day with a special celebration of:  Yes, the saints, right here in our midst!

The efforts of our dedicated team (led by Pastor Charlie Hamill), yielded an impressive, permanent wall-display of the portraits of our previous pastors throughout history.  This brand new "Wall of Ministers" will remain up for viewing in the Parish Hall.
Many volumes of photographs were also discovered in various areas of the church office building.  The pictures  were identified, labelled and archived for parishioners and guests to view, presenting a wonderful perspective on the journey that Grace Church has taken over the years, with all of us as participants along the way.     

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As a special tribute we gather for a full church photograph of our congregation. 
What a blessed celebration!

GraceChurch AllSaints2018 Gunlog PicOfMe

Kate McKinney,
Grace Church Digital Director

Our Church Family on All Saints Day 2018

GraceChurch AllSaints2018 Group DSCF4330

Who photographed the photographer?

Look carefully in the group picture above to find who in our group did that!

GraceChurch AllSaintsDay2019 DSCF8979R C

Our Church Family on All Saints Day 2019

AllSaints2022 DSCF7594R PRELIM 1505 x 1040.jpg

Our Church Family on All Saints Day 2022

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