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Episcopal Church

Tech Team

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and the COVID-19 pandemic compelled us to find new creative ways to reach out to our congregation. This is how our Technical Team was born, mobilizing itself with the construction of our tech booth for live worship service broadcasting, as well as implementing various improvements to our networking capabilites, to support a variety of different types of in-house & remote programming.  

Livestream services have remained with us long after lockdown; and so has our Tech Team, ever searching for continual forward-looking enhancements, to improve our services and offerings.  The Tech Team works with the Pastor and the Digital Ministry, to coordinate & communicate about events.

I/T Systems expert Alan Buroff shows the Pastor our new networking configuration,
connecting monitors in the church & Parish Hall to our remotely viewing parishioners.

Fred Kmietek & those on the construction crew assemble components for the physical tech booth.

GraceChurchAVBooth IMG_0081 from CharlieR 1000 c 750.jpg
GraceChurchAVBooth IMG_0110 from CharlieR 1000 x 855.jpg
GraceChurchAVBooth DSCF0731R 800 x 1024.jpg

Members of the Camera Tech Committee, headed by Kyle Kuchta, serve every Sunday
in the Tech Booth, ensuring smooth livestream telecasts of our worship services.

AllSaints2022 DSCF7580R SteveNorthTechTeam 950 x 630.jpg


Thank you to the members and former members, of our Tech Team:

Clyde Auger          Kathy Bartus          Sue Board           Alan Buroff
Fred Kmietek          Steve North          Ken Soudan          Matt Stosse 
Kyle Tras


For more info, or if you'd like to volunteer to be part of our Tech Team:


 Phone: 860-388-0895 (Church Office)


Online Request: Submit a form through our Contact page.

Pastor Charlie Hamill:

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