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Episcopal Church

Building and Grounds

When you have a large beautiful piece of property with magnificent old buildings, it takes someone with a lot of energy to maintain it!

Sherry Schiavone shows grace under pressure while handling all there is to be done around the actual physical plant, from maintenance, to logistics and traffic-flow to building security,

When you come to Grace Church you might find Sherry in the parish offices, the kitchen, the basement, or outside walking the grounds.

The ubiquitous Sherry Schiavone can be found anywhere on our church campus on a given day

Fortunately, Sherry has supporting hands within our church-family which help her, including Clyde Auger, who shows up in the likeliest and unlikeliest of places, as a bona-fide handyman on-the-scene.  

Clyde Auger helps assemble a special display for our Parish Hall fund-drive

Clyde assists in keeping our buildings in good repair through the seasons

Between Clyde, Sherry & all those who embrace the stewardship of our property, we are blessed with a beautifully maintained reflection of God's Creation on our own grounds.

Memorial Garden

The Memorial Garden of Grace Church is located on the church grounds on the north side of the sanctuary and lies under a canopy of old maple trees.  A granite Celtic cross is the centerpiece of the garden.

The Grace Memorial Garden is for the interment of ashes in certain consecrated areas.  The guiding concept of the garden is to provide a simple, dignified memorial for loved ones placed to rest there, and to afford a quiet, secluded environment for family and friends, conducive to reflection, meditation, and prayer.  

Who May Use the Garden

Interment in the Memorial Garden is available to our parishioners and their families.  All other interments are at the discretion of the Rector.


Memorial Garden Plaque

Name plates showing only the deceased's name and year of birth and death may be added to the Memorial Plaque, which is mounted on a granite stone set in the garden.  The name plates shall be identical in size and shape and may contain no other information.


Memorial Gifts

Memorial gifts are gratefully accepted by the Church.

To contact Grace Church about Memorial Garden or building use:


 Phone: 860-388-0895 (Church Office)


Online Request: Submit a form through our Contact page.

Pastor Charlie Hamill:

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