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Episcopal Church

Friday Night Light
Fire Ring

GraceChurch FridayNightLights2018 DSCF39

Several weeks.  A few sublime Friday nights in October.  For campfires, songs, stories, snacks, cider and fellowship together, around the Grace Church fire pit.  Few better ways to get closer, than huddling around a warm fire together as a church family. 

GraceChurch FridayNightLights2018 DSCF38
GraceChuch FridayNightLights DSCF3716R 5

S'mores are our snack of choice and we share them with old and new friends.  Gooey toasted marshmallows melted with chocolate, on graham crackers. ~ Yum! 

GraceChurch FridayNightLights2018 DSCF39
GraceChurch FridayNightLights2018 DSCF38
GraceChurch FridayNightLights2018 DSCF36

Charlie plays with fire
& stokes his
inner cave-man.

GraceChurch FridayNightLights2018 DSCF38
GraceChurch FridayNightLights2018 DSCF39

For some, it was their first time having real toasted campfire S'mores.

GraceChurch FridayNightLights DSCF3890R
GraceChurch FriNiteLight2021 DSCF3353R 1285 x 836.jpg

Friday nights in October were blissfully spent listening to music and stories together in fellowship, near the blazing firepits. 

GraceChurch FriNiteLight2021 DSCF3441R 804 x 1072.jpg
GraceChurch FriNiteLight2021 DSCF3448R 850 x 940.jpg
GraceChurch FriNiteLight2021 DSCF3443R 675 x 915.jpg
GraceChurch FriNiteLight2021 DSCF3419R 850 x 742.jpg
GraceChurch FriNiteLight2021 PastorCharlie IMG_1907R 900 x 920.jpg
GraceCHurch FriNiteLight2021 DSCF3365R 804 x 670.jpg
GraceChurch FriNiteLight2021 DSCF3452R 525 x 730.jpg
GraceChurch FriNiteLight2021 DSCF3424R 700 x 701.jpg
GraceChurch FriNiteLight2021 DSCF3348R 500 x 680.jpg
GraceChurch FriNiteLight2021 DSCF3429R 900 x 777.jpg
GraceChurch FriNiteLight2021 PastorCharlie IMG_1993.JPG
GraceChurch FireRing 2022-10 DSCF7502R 855 x 1025.jpg
GraceChurch FireRing 2022-10 DSCF7506R 800 x 950.jpg

Fred's on fire!

GraceChurch FridayNightLights2018 DSCF38
GraceChurch FridayNightLights2018 DSCF37

Campfires are a good place to cuddle and hold on tight to the little ones you love.

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