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GRACE Episcopal Church

Flower Delivery

What a blessing on Sundays after church concludes, to visit some of our beloved shut-in parishioners, and deliver altar-flowers to them.

A simple greeting and contact, even a short visit and prayer, can perk up someone recovering from surgery, stuck at home for any reason, or residing in a nursing home.

Their gratitude is unmistakable.

A very fulfilling ministry for any members who love to go visiting.

In addition to bringing flowers to people at home, we've also begun presenting them to those at Grace Church who are performing special ministries, helping the church in various ways & even to those who are celebrating something, returning to the church after a long absence, undergoing a rough passage, or just to those who may enjoy a little cheering up!

For more info, or if you'd like to volunteer to be part of our Flower Delivery Ministry:


 Phone: 860-388-0895 (Church Office)


Online Request: Submit a form through our Contact page.

Pastor Charlie Hamill:

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