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Episcopal Church

How We Worship

At Grace Church, we worship Sundays at 8:00 and 10:00 AM in the traditional Episcopal liturgy.  

What to Expect When You Come to Grace Church

On Sunday morning, someone will welcome you at the door, for both the 8 AM & 10 AM services. People gather together in the vestibule, enjoying conversation until the bells chime, for the Call to Worship.  

The 8 AM service is conservative, quiet, and very contemplative, with no music. The 10 AM service begins with an organ prelude and is filled with music. The people of Grace love to sing and worship the Lord. 

Worship is alive at Grace Church and we seek fellowship outside of our church as well as inside it.  Grace Church parishioners extend worship beyond the walls of our church by attending conferences and Diocesan events, and by participating in other outside devotional activities which help deepen faith. Many of us are actively involved in ministries. There are plenty of opportunities for adults, teens, families, children, elders and all members of our church to further pursue Christ in their lives by joining with fellow parishioners outside of regular church hours.

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We at Grace place a strong emphasis on prayer, healing and restoration.  We believe in the Bible, in Jesus Christ, and in the power of the Holy Spirit.  This is evident in our services.

We pay attention to our elder, special-needs and adult parishioners as well, making Pastoral and Eucharistic visits, delivering flowers to members of our church-family, and arranging rides to services at times.  We provide assisted listening devices for those who need them.

We find ways to include our youth in worship, whether in special ceremonies such as Advent candle-lighting, through musical productions and skits, or via service as acolytes.  Youth may also attend church school, at the 10 AM service, during the academic year.  Both adults and youth are encouraged to bring their friends to church!

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Some of our parishioners have gone on pilgrimages as a way of deepening their faith: for example Bill and Julie Peace traveled through the Holy Land.

A mother spends a quiet interlude with her son before worship service begins

Palm Sunday Passion Play Readers

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