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Episcopal Church

Tag Sale

Did you think a Tag Sale was all about puttering amongst stacks of dusty books, small appliances & handoff goods to find a bargain?  Well, then you might have found what you were looking for, when we had our 1st Tag Sale at Grace Church.

But, just for a moment. entertain the idea of a place where there's more than bartering going on, where you find fellowship and laughter amid all the dusty treasures. Now you're getting closer.  Furthermore, imagine a place where people are laying warm hands on your body to heal you, or to honor a special prayer request.  Conjure up the smells of warm chili & hot dogs, homemade baked goodies & fresh iced-tea.  Maybe you can even hear the strumming of a guitar. There are voices joining in with the instruments, and as you stroll around our grassy lawn you're being serenaded by some of our youth.  Everywhere you go, people are laughing and working together in ministry and harmony.  This isn't an ordinary tag sale!

GraceChurch TagSalePrep2019 DSCF7369R 53

Tag Sale coordinator Kyle gets ready for the event

GraceChurch TagSale2018 DSCF2849R 985 x

Kyle's wife, Carly prepares the chili in the kitchen with help from another one of our young millenials.

GraceChurch TagSale2019 DSCF7421R 510 x

More food awaits at the Baked Goods table presented by Teri & Gunlog.

GraceChurch TagSalePrep2019 DSCF7393R 50
GraceChurch TagSalePrep2019 DSCF7343R 52
GraceChurch TagSalePrep2019 DSCF7305R 70
GraceChurch TagSale2019 DSCF7450R 555 x
GraceChurch TagSale2019 DSCF7413R 600 x
GraceChurch 2022TagSale DSCF4723R 1000 x 805.jpg

Every Tag Sale needs some Marvel SuperHeroes!

Don't mess with Gunlog at the Pastry Table!

GraceChurch TagSale2018 DSCF3010R 504 x

Thanks heartily to All who participated!

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