Episcopal Church

Altar Guild

Here is our stealthy secret society, working hard behind the scenes to keep you comfortable, and to make every worship service seamless.  

If you've ever set up a perfect spread for Thanksgiving dinner, working hours to ensure that every candle, dish, cloth, flower, cup and utensil looked perfect, then you know what this group of undercover agents does for you.  Stop in and give them a thank-you, next time at church.

From L to R: Betty Salldin, Elaine Seaforth, Joan Trzcinski, Cathy Auger, Kathy Bartus, Barbara Bowie.  Not pictured: Joyce Baker, Angela Larco, Bunnie Lubs, Karen Newton.

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To find out more about our Altar Guild Ministry you may contact:

Betty Salldin:

Pastor Charlie Hamill: