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Episcopal Church

Jazz Fest

at Historical Society

Our neighbor and our trusted mission-partner, Old Saybrook Historical Society, held a Jazz Fest on Sunday July 9th which was graciously opened up to Grace Church parishioners and friends (including the paddlers from the CT River Pilgrimage who were attending a barbecue at Grace Church the very same weekend).

The US Coast Guard Academy Band played for a large, receptive multigenerational group, seated in lawn-chairs, outside in the Historical Society's relaxing yard.   

Both old-time & current contemporary songs got the attention of the rapt audience.  

It was a warm, beautiful day. Many sought shade or wore sun-hats during the show.

Those without chairs, sat on rocks or milled about the lawn: especially the children, who seemed energized by the snappy beats, syncopation and loud brass. Even many adults found themselves tapping their feet, dancing in place, or marching & running to catch their kids in the midst of the crowd.   

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