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Episcopal Church

Harvest/Holiday Fair 2023

GraceChurch HolidayFair2023 DSCF1724R 700 x 969.jpg

The Annual Grace Church Harvest/Holiday Fair is an eagerly anticipated event, which requires a delicate, tightope-like balance to stage properly, as the many volunteers on our team can readily attest!

GraceChurch HolidayFair2023 DSCF1663R 800 x 940.jpg

Preparing & keeping up with all the food-orders to back-up Elaine at our lunch-window takes mettle, & our parishioner volunteers certainly have it!

Keeping all of our luncheon guests & their little ones satisfied isn't always easy,
but we get good reports!

Meanwhile, retail activities on the floor keep everyone busy (while still having fun)

Dave & Karen support the children's crafts room

Cherie keeps the warm atmosphere of Christmas going.


A Merry Blessed Christmas to All!

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